Get started

Reporting with Nuba is really easy. All that is needed is a mobile phone with a Swedish sim card and a password that you get with sms as soon as your user account is set up in Nuba.

Easiest to use our mobile app, but it also works well with SMS.

With app

1. Download and install Nuba time app


2. Log in with your mobile number and password that you should have received in an SMS from Nuba.


3. When you come to the workplace
Check in by selecting the current location in the list (1) and press ”Check in” (2)

välj arbetsplats för att rapportera tid enkelt
When checking in, be sure to be at the designated location. Your position is recorded when you check in or out, never otherwise.


4. Before you leave
Check out by pressing ”Check out”.
If you wish, you can – before checking out – make notes that are linked to your work period.

With SMS

1. When you come to the workplace
Check in when you are there by sending a regular text message (SMS) with the text followed by space and the site’s SMS code, for example: ”IN 12” (without quotation marks) to phone number: 71200 or if you have Comviq: 0737-49 44 40


2. Before you leave
Check out by sending ”out” to the same phone number as above.

To attach a note, type ”out” + space + note ex. ”out
the job is done”

Nuba reports directly all check-ins and check-outs to your employer. Through the telecommunications network and GPS, Nuba can guarantee that the correct position is registered and that you have been on time.

Visar hur det ser ut när en medarbetare är incheckad via automatisk tidrapportering via appen.

Ladda ner appen